Sunday, September 14, 2008

A few more photos...

The sky was doing some interesting things on the way over...

This is what the hotel actually looked like.

And this is what kangaroo pizza looks like! (The waitress promised me it was kangaroo. Otherwise, well, I don't have much to go on.)

And here's a bonus panorama of the reception area. Ooohhhhh...

If anyone cares for originals of anything (I expect the pizza photo will be in huge demand), just ask.

Evening at the Australia Hotel

The Australian Heritage Hotel

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Planning & Diagnosis

Hey Everybody,

I'm very interested in a notion of self-awareness for systems. In the real world it is necessary for systems to understand their own conditions and implications on their capabilities. I have been looking into the integration of planning and diagnosis which we call Pervasive Diagnosis over the last year. In this approach a model-based planner uses a system description to create a plan that achieves production goals and the same model is used by a model-based diagnosis to indirectly infer the condition of components in a system from partially informative sensors. Pervasive Diagnosis opens up new opportunities to efficiently exploit diagnostic information for the optimization of model-based systems. Hard to diagnose intermittent faults or shifting capabilities which would have required expensive stoppages can now be addressed on line during planning. While pervasive diagnosis has interesting theoretical advantages, we have shown that a combination of heuristic planning and classical diagnosis can be used to create practical real time applications as well.

I would highly appreciate comments and feedback. Thanks!! :-luk

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In anticipation of Sydney

The combined conferences --- NMR, CP, ICAPS, KR --- start in just a few days.  This blog serves as a place of discussion, a place to record experiences, a place to speculate, for participants in the CP Doctoral Programme and the ICAPS Doctoral Consortium.  Welcome!